Welcome to the Kelly Days family, a membership built by firefighters for firefighters and all those who serve our country and community. It’s no secret our jobs are demanding but we also have our time off which we value greatly. While some of us spend it resting, and with our family’s, some of us spend it working another job or looking for the next adventure/challenge. This community is designed for our members to connect locally and abroad and to showcase our second jobs and businesses, and offer services, products and advice within the group as an exclusivity. In addition to that, in developing this platform the forums are open access to ask for help from the group when all else fails. We can connect, whether it be giving local advice on, boating, fishing, traveling, hunting, construction, real estate, financial services, auto repairs, taking on new sports and anything and everything in between. This network should offer products, services and advice at a friends and family discount along with knowledge either be professional or local to its members. Please remember to be professional and keep it civil.

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